Clinical Services & Treatments

    1. Diagnosis and conservative management of tendinitis acute and overuse injuries involving tendons, chronic heel pain including plantar fasciitis.
    2. Work Cover injuries, tendinitis especially tendon injuries of shoulders, elbows, wrists and Achilles.
    3. Specialist services provided (below) to diagnose, treat and manage tendinitis, tendinophaty, tendon injuries especially Achilles and Plantar fascia, in particular:
      1. Diagnosis and management of tendon injuries using onsite ultrasound (US) and US guided interventions

      1. Ultrasound to diagnose tendinities, tendinopathy, neovascularity, tendon tears
      2. Extracorporeal shockwave for treatment of Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis
      3. Ultrasound guided interventions including injections, “scrapings” for tendon injuries
      4. Prolotherapy for tendinitis
      5. Specific loading programs for tendon injuries
    1. Shoulder injuries acute and chronic especially calcific tendinopathy and tendinitis
    2. Extracorporeal Shock Wave treatments for a number of bone related injuries
    3. Medical problems of athletes including fatigue, asthma
    4. Rehabilitation of Low back pain
    5. Diagnosis and management of all other sports related injuries

Generally, the treatments provided in this specialist clinic provide persistent pain relief in the majority of cases. Treatment and investigations undertaken are evidenced based using successful trials as the basis of the treatment.

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During this discussion, our reception staff will be able to give you advice regarding your particular problem and assist your appointment.

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