Dr Simon Locke, Exercise Physician & Sports Pain Specialist Bendigo

Dr Simon Locke, a Bendigo specialist, treats chronic heel pain and tendinitis and other medical problems of active people. He offers effective treatments for tendon injuries, tendinitis, and tendinopathy involving Achilles, chronic heel pain including Plantar Fasciitis, shoulders and elbows. He is actively involved in clinical research in these areas.

Simon looks after all athletes ranging from the weekend athlete to elite athletes. An “athlete” is a person who participates in any activity for fun, competition and/or performance. Athletes are active people between 10 and 80 years of age.

Chronic Heel Pain

Chronic heel pain, including Plantar Fasciitis, is a severe, common (10%) disabling problem in our community. This pain can now be effectively treated using conservative treatments available at the Centre for Sport and Movement.
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Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries occur in workers (25%), runners (30% have Achilles tendon injuries) and sedentary people. They are long lasting, difficult to treat. Many new treatments are available for these chronic tendon injuries at the Centre of Sport and Movement.

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